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Guide to Bisulfite Conversion Kit Selection

Bisulfite conversion chemistry

Bisulfite conversion remains one of the most powerful and popular methods available to study cytosine methylation in DNA (also known as 5-methylcytosine or 5-mC), and it is widely considered to be the “Gold Standard” for investigating DNA methylation.  To learn more about how the bisulfite conversion process works, check out the article on The Basics of Bisulfite Conversion for DNA Methylation Analysis.  While the chemistry might sound complicated, commercially-available bisulfite conversion kits make the process fast and simple.

Guide for bisulfite conversion kit selection

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There are several different bisulfite conversion kits available, and the different kits each have different benefits – which might make it difficult to determine which kit is right for your research project.  To simplify your kit selection process, Zymo Research has generated a chart to point out the main differences in their different bisulfite conversion kits (click on the chart above to enlarge).

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