Histones in Paternal Epigenetic Inheritance
Histone ModificationsImprinting and Inheritance

A Role for Histones in Paternal Epigenetic Inheritance

A group of children grew up in the same neighborhoods of Quebec in the late 1960’s, but only some of them would reach their fifth birthday. In one of the first studies of its kind, Fabia and Thuy combed through hospital records to ask what made these children different from …

Sperm transfer aged epigenome to offspring
Aging, Environment, & DiseaseDNA Methylation and HydroxymethylationImprinting and Inheritance

Advanced Paternal Age at Conception Increases Risk of Age-Related Diseases in Offspring

As a person ages, they become more prone to diseases, including cancer and neurodegeneration. Having children when you are older can also affect the health of your offspring, increasing the risk for neuropsychiatric disorders, among many others [1], [2]. Sperm contribute epigenetic information to the zygote [3] that can affect …

sperm epigenetics
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Don’t forget all that dad has done for you.. and your epigenome.. this father’s day!

In mammals, the recognition and fusion between the sperm from the father and the oocyte from the mother gives rise to offspring. Therefore, the production of functional, flagella-containing motile sperm is the prerequisite for successful fertilization in nature. In human females, there is typically only one oocyte ovulated during each …

Aging, Environment, & DiseaseDNA Methylation and HydroxymethylationImprinting and Inheritance

Listen Up Dads! Paternal Weight and Obesity Influences Sperm Epigenetics

The obesity epidemic is a widely discussed, but controversial topic. Although diet and exercise are the best way to combat weight gain, some people seem to gain weight easier than others and have a more difficult time getting rid of it. The role of maternal and prenatal nutrition is concretely …