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A State of Dis”array”: Two Recent Studies Highlight Common Problems Associated with Using Illumina’s 450k Array for Epigenetics Research

Epigenetic analysis is one of the hottest areas in all of biological research.  Covalent modifications to DNA, proteins, and RNA, without changing the primary sequence of these molecules, are known to epigenetically regulate numerous cellular processes and contribute to many important human disease phenotypes.  One of the most intensely studied …

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Donor Cells Leave Their Epigenetic Fingerprint on iPSCs

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was recently awarded for the 2006 discovery of the ability of somatic cells to be reprogrammed into a pluripotent state. The award highlights the tremendous impact of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) on the field of medicine in just a few short years. However, little …

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A potential role for 5hmC in RNA splicing and synaptic function in the brain

5-methylcytosine  (5-mC) is an epigenetic modification of DNA that is essential for normal development and is associated with a number of key cellular processes including genomic imprinting, X-chromosome inactivation, suppression of repetitive elements, and carcinogenesis.  5-mC can be further modified in cells to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) through oxidization.  This novel epigenetic …