Epigenetics, DNA methylation, and chicken growth

Chicken Little Can Blame It On Her Epigenetics!

While most of us will be hopping on the scale and hoping for a relatively low weight this holiday season, poultry farmers will be weighing their birds hoping for just the opposite. Chickens are the most commonly eaten poultry in the world and those bred for consumption are categorized as …

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Yet Another Reason to Thank Dad This Father’s Day! Evidence for Paternally-Inherited Epigenetic Modifications

Maternal health during gestation and prenatal conditions are well documented as having profound effects on health and development of a baby after birth. The mechanisms behind many of these effects are attributed to epigenetic changes that take place in utero. More recently, pre-fertilization maternal health has been also been implicated …


Old Dog, New Tricks? Cytosine Methylation in Long Non-Coding RNAs

Cytosine methylation (5-mC) in DNA is very common, and is generally associated with repression of gene expression.  DNA methylation was the first discovered type of epigenetic modification and remains one of the most actively investigated epigenetic processes, especially with respect to its use as a valuable biomarker for cancer and …

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Reviewing the Roles of Long noncoding RNAs in Epigenetic Processes

Although RNA has traditionally been thought to act primarily as an intermediate between DNA and protein in the central dogma of molecular biology, these important molecules have received more attention in the last few years for their ability to carry out a wide variety of biological processes, including epigenetic regulation …


Teamwork in silencing: histone modifications and DNA methylation

Histone tails that are exposed at the nucleosomal surface are targets for a multitude of covalent modifications, such as acetylation, methylation, and phosphorylation. These post-translational modifications have been shown to function as a ‘histone code’ that coordinates the recruitment of effector proteins and regulates chromatin structure, gene expression, and genome …