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Wanna Be Forever 21? It May Be Possible By Resetting Your DNA Methylation Age Clock

As an organism ages, cells and tissues differentiate and change. These changes can include accumulation of DNA mutations, alterations to telomeres, decay of cellular and tissue structures, and changes in gene expression. Both differentiation of tissues and age effects are at least partially caused by epigenetic modifications of the genome, …

Aging, Environment, & DiseaseDNA Methylation and Hydroxymethylation

Want To Lose More Weight With Less Effort? Epigenetics Can Help.

Genetic and lifestyle factors both play important roles in controlling our weight, and epigenetics has recently emerged as a powerful new tool to study the effects of lifestyle on obesity. Epigenetic mechanisms regulate heritable patterns of gene expression without changes in the DNA sequence through numerous processes, including DNA methylation …

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A new web-based tool for high-throughput DNA methylation pathway analysis of multiple cancer types

Global cytosine hypomethylation and promoter hypermethylation are characteristic in cancer, but how DNA methylation targets biological pathways and gene sets is unclear. It is hypothesized that during tumorigenesis certain pathways and gene sets are commonly dysregulated via DNA methylation across cancer types. A logistic regression-based gene set enrichment method called …