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DNA damage and repair permanently alters chromatin and DNA: Mechanisms of DNA methylation polymorphism

Antonio Pezone, PhD,  Dept Molecular Medicine Antonio Porcellini, MD, PhD, Dept Biology Enrico Vittorio Avvedimento, MD, Dept Molecular Medicine University “Federico II” Naples, Italy DNA methylation is a biological clock that ticks with age, and numerous studies have been able to construct age-prediction models based on methylation status. However in …

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Can epigenetics decode a cell’s history? Linking somatic DNA methylation, DNA repair, and gene expression

Mammalian Genomic DNA (mainly cytosines, in the doublet CpG) can be covalently modified by methylation, which is layered on the primary genetic information and alters gene expression. There are two patterns of DNA methylation. The first is stable methylation, called imprinting. Imprinting is inherited in a sex-specific fashion and is …