Clarence A. 'Sonny' Williams

Excellent summary of a good research paper, but Aaron Barnett's title troubles me. The term "determine" implies causation, and yet the paper does not establish causation at all (nor can…

First Molecular Laboratory is Orbiting the Earth | sciNote Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook

[…] (epi)Genes in Space! […]

Understanding Methylation - My Health Maven

[…] (19) Processes and metabolizes hormones (estrogen) (20) Build immune cells (T cells and NK cells) (21) Synthesis of DNA and RNA (thymine is formed from uracil) (22) Produce energy…

Familial Alzheimer Disease Life Expectancy | How to Cure For Alzheimers

[…] Epigenetic mechanisms are a driving force in familial Alzheimer’s disease – With the increasing of life expectancy, aging and age-related cognitive impairments are becoming one of the most important…

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