This is just great news - as the discover of Lunasin, Dr. Galvez started the Epigenetic revolution - thanks for posting this.

Histone Cleavage Can Interfere with the Measure...

[…] Extensive histone cleavage of H3 was observed in approximately one third of the PBMC samples examined despite the use of protease inhibitors during histone isolation.  […]

Immune Dysfunction: Where Does it Come From? | Heal Our Little Ones

[…] DNA Methylation Regulates Differentiation of Naive Immune Cells into Effector Cells […]

Epigenetics of Stroke | RADIODIAGNOSIS | Scoop...

[…] Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, taking 130,000 lives each year as well as incurring $36.5 billion combined costs of medical expenses and…

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